box of atlantic city salt water taffy

Generations of families have traveled “Down the Shore” to the beaches and Boardwalks of the New Jersey shoreline.

After a wonderful day jumping waves and getting sunburned, we would shower, grab something fast for supper and head straight onto the boardwalk to ride the roller coaster, drink birch beer and , of course, buy  salt water taffy. This box is from 1962 when I was 10. I had a space retainer in my mouth and with the first bite I managed to pull it right out.

Many of the people I grew up with still get to enjoy the beach there every summer. My memories are so full of the taste of salt water on my skin and the feeling of the cool water splashing against my legs that I can still taste the sweet and   salty candy in my mind. I also loved the black ones, (liqorish)they came in a multitude of flavors but black was for me. With black stained lips and Teeth we ventured onto Steel Pier to ride the rides, eat cotton candy and drink that creamy Birch beer.